Guidelines for social distancing

This week all of the different facilities we use have raised concern about social distancing by parents during fixtures and at the end of the sessions.

Can we please ask everyone to ensure that they maintain the 2 metre distance when attending a training session or match and to ensure that groups do not congregate. I know its not ideal but it is a maximum of one adult per player, please do not arrive before your allotted time and it’s important that all players and coaches leave the pitch from the previous session beforehand. If you can spectate from your car then please do so.

We appreciate that it is difficult, especially at the beginning and end of the sessions, and that our players are keen to get started, however our venues are understandably concerned about the potential impact and have indicated that there may be an impact on bookings if guidelines aren’t followed. 

Your support is appreciated. 

AFC Waverton Committee

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