Wrap up warm this winter!

Playing football should always be fun but sometimes, when it’s raining or freezing cold it can become rather miserable for our players – and also those who come along to watch.

For now, with the lockdown soon underway, this might not be a huge priority but you could always get prepared for when our grassroots football restarts with our top tips!

Layer Up – lots of layers trap the warm air and keep you cosy. For players, wearing long base layers underneath the match kit will keep arms and legs cosy.

Hat – did you know that you lose 7-10% of your body heat through your head? A nice warm thermal beanie or woolly hat may be a small item to bring along but will make a huge difference.

Gloves – wind and water resistant gloves are well worth investing in. The Club has an arrangement with OGlove which come highly recommended by players and coaches alike. Visit www.oglove.co.uk and you can get a 10% discount by quoting referral code AFCWAVERTON as well as the club receiving an additional donation for every pair purchased.

Jacket – the waterproof jacket always gets thrown on the floor as soon as the warm up is over but is very much needed to keep players warm when they are subbed and also immediately post-match.

Post Match –try and carry a towel in the car along with a fresh sweatshirt or hoodie so that you can help your players get a bit drier and help them warm up as quickly as possible. This makes a world of difference to our younger players as the cold sets in as soon as the final whistle blows so it’s all fun on the pitch and then shivering in the car!  

For spectators… you will definitely be cosy pitch-side with your waterproof trousers on, a warm hat, gloves and some winter boots on. Bonus points for bringing a thermal mug full of something hot to keep your hands warm but when that cools off there’s also the option of keeping a rechargeable USB hand warmer in your pocket!

Stay warm and stay safe!

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